A clue-less cold case and Lucky can't chill until she defrosts it.


Lucky, the Gumshoe Goddess, has a close friend  at the  N. Y. P. D., 
Detective, Jack Chit, who at times is forced to give up on cases when they slip into a deep freeze. It used to bother Jack to meet with families of the missing and give them news that their loved one's case went cold. Relatives and friends found it difficult to understand why police couldn't continue looking for their loved ones.

Jack Chit, no longer felt that way. When family members were insistent he felt confident in recommending his friend, the Gumshoe Goddess. 

Join Lucky on her quest for missing scientist, Jay Barrett. The leads she unveils takes you on a wild journey of murder and intrigue. 

Join the hunt and follow the exciting twists and turns of the Catskill Caper. Will she find, Jay Barrett, and his, secret, eternal youth formula? Or will she dead end like the NYPD?

​​Lucky is a twenty-first century private eye, trapped in the 1940s; mentally, that is. 

​Her love for vintage fashion is only surpassed by her affection for stilettos and Pulp Fiction Art Work.


​​Lucky's flaming red hair is curly, sometimes frizzy and falls well below her shoulders; attracting the opposite sex, like a muse calling from the sea.